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Rune Berg

Associate Professor Rune W. BergLab leader: Associate Professor Rune W. Berg

University of Copenhagen
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
Department of Neuroscience
Maersk Tower, room 07.05.62
Blegdamsvej 3
DK-2200 Copenhagen N

Phone: +45 26977394

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The research focus of the Berg lab has been to combine quantitative approaches of mathematics and physics with experiments using electrophysiology, genetics, tissue clearing and other biological tools to better understand the nervous system especially the motor system. 

The Berg group put emphasis on strong quantitative approaches in neuroscience. In particular, we believe investigating populations of neurons, networks, as opposed to the single-neuron tradition, is crucial. In turn, this will likely spur therapeutic strategies for individuals with neurological conditions, especially spinal cord injuries. Our key research areas are:

  • Neuronal Population activity in the spinal cord and brain using large array electrophysiology.
  • Development of novel probe technology
  • Classification of network architecture in motor circuits.
  • Histological clearing techniques for large sample imaging for network reconstruction
  • In vivo, awake electrophysiology with chronic implantation of electrodes and optical fibers in the central nervous system.     


Key Publications

  • Berg RW "Neuronal diversity in spinal motor circuits: Greater than sum of its parts" Front Neural Circuits, 11: 103, 2017
  • Jensen, KHR, and Berg RW "Advances and perspectives in tissue clearing using CLARITY", J. Chemical Neuroanatomy, 86: 19-34, 2017
  • Berg, RW, MT Stauning, JB Sorensen, H Jahnsen (2017). "Penetration of action potentials during collision in the median and lateral giant axons of invertebrates'" Physical Review X,april 2017 
  • Jensen, KHR, RW Berg "CLARITY-compatible lipophilic dyes for electrode marking and neuronal tracing" Scientific Reports, 6:32674, 2016
  • Petersen, PC and RW Berg (2016) Lognormal firing rate distribution reveals prominent fluctuation-driven regime in spinal motor networks eLife; 10.7554/eLife.
  • Vestergaard, M and RW Berg "Divisive gain modulation of motoneurons by inhibition optimizes muscular control" J. Neuroscience 35(8):3711-3723,      2015 
  • Petersen, PC, M Vestergaard, KHR Jensen, and RW Berg "Premotor spinal network with balanced excitation and inhibition during motor patterns has high resilience to structural division" J. Neuroscience 34(8):2774–2784, 2014
  • R. W. Berg, A. Alaburda and J. Hounsgaard (2007) Balanced inhibition and excitation drives spike activity in spinal half-center" Science, vol. 315(5810) 390-393.      

Technological achievements:

Designed the Berg64-probe now sold at Neuronexus,