Sørensen Lab

My group has expertise in studying the molecular and cellular mechanisms of neurotransmitter release in chemical synapses and in neuroendocrine cells.











































Lab members

Name Title Job responsibilities Image
Anna Kádková Postdoc Sørensen lab Billede af Anna Kádková
Bassam Tawfik Visiting Researcher Sørensen Lab Billede af Bassam Tawfik
Dorte Lauritsen Laboratory technician Sørensen lab Billede af Dorte Lauritsen
Jakob Balslev Sørensen Professor Sørensen lab Billede af Jakob Balslev Sørensen
Joana Andreia Silvestre Martins PhD student Sørensen lab Billede af Joana Andreia Silvestre Martins
Melanie Schupp Visiting Researcher Sørensen Lab Billede af Melanie Schupp
Sebastien Nicolas Julien Houy Assistant professor Sørensen lab Billede af Sebastien Nicolas Julien Houy