Kornum Lab

Our lab explores sleep biology in health and disease. Our focus is to understand sleep-wake neurophysiology and how the immune system affects the sleep regulating networks of the brain. We are particularly interested in the hypocretin/orexin neurons, their signaling, and their involvement in the sleep disorder narcolepsy and in sleep-wake regulation during sickness in general.

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Lab members

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Ariel Olivia Vasques Ojeda Trainee Kornum Lab Billede af Ariel Olivia Vasques Ojeda
Ausra Praneviciute Master-Student Kornum Lab Billede af Ausra Praneviciute
Birgitte Rahbek Kornum Associate Professor - Promotion Programme Kornum Lab Billede af Birgitte Rahbek Kornum
Christine Egebjerg Jensen PhD Fellow Kornum Lab Billede af Christine Egebjerg Jensen
Javier Garcia Ciudad PhD Fellow Kornum Lab Billede af Javier Garcia Ciudad
Laura Rose PhD Fellow Kornum Lab. Billede af Laura Rose
Line Eilskov Jensen Bachelor student Kornum Lab Billede af Line Eilskov Jensen
Mie Gunni Kolmos Master-Student Kornum Lab Billede af Mie Gunni Kolmos
Pomme Rigter Postdoc Kornum Lab Billede af Pomme Rigter