The Department of Neuroscience (IN) is part of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen and is physically located in the Panum Building and at the Maersk Tower in central Copenhagen.

Neuroscience is a major strategic focus area for the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at University of Copenhagen and as a consequence the Department of Neuroscience, which has its roots from the previous Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology, was officially established 1st of September 2017. The purpose was to gather research groups committed to neuroscience with educational activities within neuroscience in one organizational unit.



















Facts about the department

  • 150 scientific and administrative staff members are employed at the Department (2020). IN has a revenue of DKK 80 million (2017) of which the majority, 61%, is funding from private partners.
  • The Department consists of 25 research groups (2020) working within different areas of neuroscience.
  • The Department is responsible for teaching of medical students, odontology students, human biology students and molecular biomedicine students in the areas of neuroscience and pharmacology.
  • The Department manages the University of Copenhagen PhD program in Neuroscience.