Rath Lab

In a combined effort involving neuroanatomical and molecular biological techniques, we are studying development and function of the circadian system of the mammalian brain.










































Rath Lab group

Name Title Job responsibilities Image
Aurea Susana Blancas Velazquez Postdoc Rath Lab Billede af Aurea Susana Blancas Velazquez
Henrik Hertz PhD student Rath lab Billede af Henrik Hertz
Martin Fredensborg Rath Associate professor Rath lab Billede af Martin Fredensborg Rath
Mikkel Bloss Carstensen PhD student Rath lab Billede af Mikkel Bloss Carstensen
Morten Møller Professor emeritus Rath lab Billede af Morten Møller
Pernille Teglstrup Graversen Master student Rath Lab Billede af Pernille Teglstrup Graversen
Rikke Lundorf Bioanalyst Rath Lab Billede af Rikke Lundorf
Tenna Bering Visiting Researcher Rath Lab Billede af Tenna Bering