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The Nielsen lab aims to gain insight in basic principles and mechanisms of motor learning, the neuroplastic changes in the central nervous system (CNS) underlying motor learning and the relationship between neuroplasticity and behavioral changes.

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The synergistic interplay between fundamental neuroscience, clinical neurology, and neurohabilitation plays a pivotal role in enhancing therapeutic interventions for neurological disorders and advancing novel methodologies in neurorehabilitation. The Nielsen laboratory is committed to bridging the gap between fundamental animal neuroscience and clinical neurology by undertaking non-invasive electrophysiological and imaging investigations in both healthy human subjects and individuals afflicted by neurological disorders. These endeavors are founded on insights gleaned from foundational animal neuroscience investigations.

The Nielsen lab places significant emphasis on nurturing close collaborations, both with units engaged in fundamental animal neuroscience research and with clinical neurological departments and neurorehabilitation centers. This collaborative approach constitutes a cornerstone of the Nielsen lab's mission and activities.

A central focus of the Nielsen lab revolves around unraveling the spinal and cortical mechanisms underpinning human bipedal walking and scrutinizing parallels or distinctions from animal quadrupedal locomotion. This knowledge is pivotal in shaping investigations into the pathophysiology of gait disorders and disabilities within neurological populations, while also driving the creation of innovative therapeutic strategies aimed at enhancing gait ability and recovery of gait impairments following central nervous system injuries and disorders.

The Nielsen lab aims to attain a profound understanding of core principles and mechanisms governing motor learning, the neuroplastic alterations within the central nervous system (CNS) that underlie motor learning, and the intricate interplay between neuroplasticity and behavioral modifications. This knowledge is harnessed to optimize the design of motor training and rehabilitation approaches.

Furthermore, in collaboration with the Elsass Foundation, the Nielsen lab endeavors to gain comprehensive insights into the developing brain and the adaptations that manifest in response to early brain lesions. Grounded in this knowledge, the lab strives to devise novel avenues for enhancing the quality of life for both pediatric and adult populations affected by cerebral palsy (CP). This mission encompasses the formulation and validation of new interventions, therapies, and technological solutions.









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Lab members

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Anina Ritterband-Rosenbaum Guest Researcher Nielsen lab Billede af Anina Ritterband-Rosenbaum
Erik Bruun Simonsen Guest Researcher Nielsen Lab Billede af Erik Bruun Simonsen
Frederik L Dornonville de la Cour Postdoc Nielsen lab Billede af Frederik L Dornonville de la Cour
Jens Bo Nielsen Professor Nielsen lab Billede af Jens Bo Nielsen
Josefine Grønset Løken Master-Student Nielsen Lab Billede af Josefine Grønset Løken
Josephine Bøgelund Arnfast Master-Student Nielsen Lab Billede af Josephine Bøgelund Arnfast
Judith Tierno Martí Master-Student Nielsen Lab Billede af Judith Tierno Martí
Lisbeth Højkjær Larsen Postdoc Nielsen Lab Billede af Lisbeth Højkjær Larsen
Maria Willerslev-Olsen Guest Researcher Nielsen lab Billede af Maria Willerslev-Olsen
Mikkel Damgaard Justiniano Guest Researcher Nielsen lab Billede af Mikkel Damgaard Justiniano
Mohamad Barad Guest Researcher Nielsen Lab Billede af Mohamad Barad
Morten Freiesleben Guest Researcher Nielsen Lab Billede af Morten Freiesleben
Pernille Ulrik Kaster Guest Researcher Nielsen Lab Billede af Pernille Ulrik Kaster
Rasmus Feld Frisk Assistant Professor Nielsen lab Billede af Rasmus Feld Frisk
Rayan Ali Master-Student Nielsen Lab Billede af Rayan Ali
Rim Mosbah El Hag Ali Master-Student Nielsen Lab Billede af Rim Mosbah El Hag Ali
Thomas Haldan Nygaard Jensen Master-Student Nielsen Lab Billede af Thomas Haldan Nygaard Jensen
Tina Rastegar Research Coordinator Nielsen Lab Billede af Tina Rastegar
Tony Biakceunung Rungling External, Ph.d Student Nielsen Lab Billede af Tony Biakceunung Rungling