Innovation officer Andreas Toft Sørensen

We hold expertise in converting scientific knowledge into start-up companies. We will continue to focus on innovation and entrepreneurship to enable our scientific ideas to become alive in commercial solutions to the benefit of patient and society.

Innovation is about getting ideas and transforming them to new applicable solutions. There is an increasing awareness among our scientists about the value of commercialization of their scientific results. The Department of Neuroscience is together with the Tech Trans Office at UCPH actively supporting our researchers in the filing of patents, formation of start-up companies, seeking funding from innovation stakeholders and providing consultancy services with companies. The Department of Neuroscience already holds significant experience with patenting and entering private partnerships although limited to a few researchers. We will in the coming years foster our innovation culture for the whole department.

Our start ups




Ceremedy logoBirgitte Kornum (IN), Petrine Wellendorph (ILF) and Bente Frølund (ILF) have Aug. 20, 2018 founded the biotech company Ceremedy ApS together with Casper Tind Hansen (BiOrigin). The company is based on research performed at UCPH funded by a pre-seed grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation. The aim of the company is to perform drug discovery in CNS disorders based on analogues of the neuroactive substance gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB).
























Founded by Andreas Toft Sørensen, Kenneth Lindegaard Madsen and Ulrik Gether from the Department of Neuroscience. The scientific group has been working on modulation of neuronal transmission for more than 15 years, which has led to the discovery of new drugs designed to specifically treat chronic pain without the usual side effects.