Perrier Lab

Our lab has a developed a strong expertise in the study of intrinsic properties of individual neurons.
























































Name Title Job responsibilities Image
Alexia Montalant PhD student Perrier lab Billede af Alexia Montalant
Altair Brito dos Santos Postdoc Perrier lab Billede af Altair Brito dos Santos
Christian Laut Ebbesen International Researcher Perrier Lab Billede af Christian Laut Ebbesen
Dorthe Meinertz Laboratory Technician Perrier lab Billede af Dorthe Meinertz
Eva Maria Meier Carlsen Postdoc Perrier lab Billede af Eva Maria Meier Carlsen
Jean-Francois Marie Perrier Associate professor Perrier lab Billede af Jean-Francois Marie Perrier
Jørn Dybkjær Hounsgaard Professor emeritus Perrier Lab Billede af Jørn Dybkjær Hounsgaard
Nikolaj Winther Hansen PhD student Perrier lab Billede af Nikolaj Winther Hansen
Thor Linnet Master student Perrier Lab Billede af Thor Linnet