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The aim of the research is to understand how neurons in small assemblies interact to produce sensory and motor functions in the brain.

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Original papers

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Chapters in books

Møller, M., Micic, A., Rekling. J.C. (1997). Morphological characterization of rat pineal explant cultures. In: Neuroendocrinology: Retrospect and Perspectives (eds., H.-W. Korf and K.H. Usadel). chapter 27, pp.357-366. Springer-Verlag; Heidelberg, New York 1997.

W.-C. Li, J.C. Rekling. (2017). Chapter 11 - Electrical Coupling in the Generation of Vertebrate Motor Rhythms, Pages 243-264. Network Functions and Plasticity. Perspectives from Studying Neuronal Electrical Coupling in Microcircuits. Edited by:Jian Jing. Academic Press, 2017. ISBN: 978-0-12-803471-2







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