Berg Lab

The research focus of the Berg lab has been to combine quantitative approaches of mathematics and physics with experiments using electrophysiology, genetics, tissue clearing and other biological tools to better understand the nervous system especially the motor system.














































Name Title Job responsibilities Image
Alex Willumsen Affiliate (guest researcher) Berg Lab Billede af Alex Willumsen
Beatriche Louise Edelbo Henriksen Visiting Researcher Berg Lab Billede af Beatriche Louise Edelbo Henriksen
Elias Najarro Master student Berg Lab Billede af Elias Najarro
Henrik Anders Lindén Assistant professor Berg lab Billede af Henrik Anders Lindén
Jaspreet Kaur Postdoc Berg lab Billede af Jaspreet Kaur
Kristian Reveles Jensen Visiting Researcher Berg Lab Billede af Kristian Reveles Jensen
Nicolas Bertram PhD student Berg lab Billede af Nicolas Bertram
Rune W. Berg Associate professor Berg lab Billede af Rune W. Berg