Meehan Lab

The main experimental approach of the laboratory has been the use and development of electrophysiological techniques in which the excitability and connectivity of spinal neurones can be investigated in transgenic rodent models in vivo.

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Lab members

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Claire Francesca Meehan Associate Professor Meehan Lab Billede af Claire Francesca Meehan
Hans Hultborn Part-time Lecturer Meehan lab Billede af Hans Hultborn
Helena Hedegaard Udsen Student Meehan Lab Billede af Helena Hedegaard Udsen
Kristina Petrova Dimintiyanova PhD Student Meehan Lab Billede af Kristina Petrova Dimintiyanova
Sif Møbjerg Jørgensen Bachelor student Meehan Lab Billede af Sif Møbjerg Jørgensen
Tanja Djukic Master-Student Meehan Lab Billede af Tanja Djukic