Employees at the Department of Neuroscience

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Aldrin Kirk, Patrick Anders Postdoc Kirkeby Lab +45 353-37477 E-mail
Allodi, Ilary Postdoc Kiehn lab   E-mail
Andersen, Michael Aagaard Postdoc Kiehn lab   E-mail
Andersen, Rita Chan Postdoc Madsen Lab +45 23 84 01 74 E-mail
Andreassen, Søren Norge PhD student MacAulay lab   E-mail
Apuschkin, Mia Research assistant Gether Lab +45 353-35406 E-mail
Arvedsen, Sine Kongsbak Project manager Lauritzen Lab   E-mail
Bach, Sofie Aarup Student Gether Lab   E-mail
Baerends, Eva Anna Marianne Student Woldbye Lab   E-mail
Bakhtiari, Aftab PhD Fellow Lauritzen Lab   E-mail
Barbuskaite, Dagne Postdoc MacAulay lab   E-mail
Bellardita, Carmelo Postdoc Kiehn lab   E-mail
Berendtsen, Nicolai Tubæk Research assistant Kornum Lab   E-mail
Berg, Rune W. Associate professor Berg lab +45 26 97 73 94 E-mail
Bergersen, Linda Hildegard Professor Neuroscience of Aging +45 51 33 13 22 E-mail
Bering, Tenna Postdoc Rath lab   E-mail
Bertram, Nicolas PhD student Berg lab   E-mail
Bjerre, Morten Laboratory technician Rekling Lab +45 29 61 19 87 E-mail
Blancas Velazquez, Aurea Susana Postdoc Rath Lab   E-mail
Brito dos Santos, Altair Postdoc Perrier lab   E-mail
Cai, Changsi Assistant professor Lauritzen lab   E-mail
Carlsen, Eva Maria Meier Postdoc Perrier lab +45 353-35335 E-mail
Carstensen, Mikkel Bloss PhD student Rath lab +45 50 99 48 43 E-mail
Christensen, Henriette Lajgaard Centre coordinator Lauritzen lab +45 26 22 12 44 E-mail
Christensen, Mark Schram Associate professor Christensen lab   E-mail
Christensen, Nikolaj Riis Postdoc Madsen lab +45 353-33485 E-mail
Cobanovic, Stefan Assistant lecturer Teaching   E-mail
Conti, Eller Student Madsen Lab   E-mail
Cregg, Jared Postdoc Kiehn lab +45 22 67 31 18 E-mail
Czerny, Donna Grazyna Laboratory coordinator Gether lab +45 23 84 01 74 E-mail
Dahlqvist, Matilda Kristina Visiting Researcher Lauritzen Lab   E-mail
Danielsen, Kira Iben Student Woldbye Lab   E-mail
Derigo, Lukas Student Rasmussen Lab   E-mail
Devantier, Trine Lind Laboratory coordinator MacAulay Lab +45 353-37832 E-mail
Devree, Brian Thomas Postdoc Loland lab +45 53 85 55 40 E-mail
Dimintiyanova, Kristina Petrova PhD fellow Meehan lab   E-mail
Djukic, Tanja Student Meehan Lab   E-mail
Dolan, Ray Visiting Researcher MacAulay Lab   E-mail
Dræby, Sandra Duval Student Meehan Lab   E-mail
Ebbesen, Christian Laut International Researcher Perrier Lab   E-mail
Ejdrup, Aske Lykke PhD student Gether lab +45 353-37717 E-mail
Fjorbak, Christina PhD Fellow Lauritzen Lab +45 93 86 31 91 E-mail
Forman, Christian Riis PhD student Nielsen lab   E-mail
Frandsen, Aase Guest researcher Gjedde lab   E-mail
Friis, Rasmus von Huth Student Kiehn Lab   E-mail
Frisk, Rasmus Feld Guest researcher Nielsen lab +45 353-35347 E-mail
Gether, Ulrik Head of Department Gether lab +45 353-35270 E-mail
Gjedde, Albert Professor emeritus. Gjedde lab +45 29 17 76 01 E-mail
Goddard, Carolyn Marie Student Gether Lab   E-mail
Gomez Martinez, Carlos Daniel Postdoc Rekling Lab   E-mail
Goñi Erro, Haizea Research assistant Kiehn lab   E-mail
Grigorian, Mariam +45 51 31 96 15 E-mail
Grubb, Søren Assistant professor Lauritzen lab   E-mail
Grøndahl, Lillian Karin Guest researcher Meehan lab +45 21 94 95 95 E-mail
Guo, Liangchen Assistant lecturer Sørensen Lab   E-mail
Györffy, Balázs Postdoc Gether Lab +45 353-28447 E-mail
Gøtzsche, Casper René Guest researcher Woldbye lab +45 40 94 72 98 E-mail
Haahr, Nicolai Olesen Student Gether lab   E-mail
Hald, Bjørn Olav Postdoc Lauritzen lab   E-mail
Hamrouni, Nizar Assistant lecturer Teaching +45 26 27 52 73 E-mail
Hansen, Cecilie Eske Student Simonsen lab   E-mail
Hansen, Christoffer Kjær Kjærgård Visiting Researcher Roland Lab   E-mail
Hansen, Maja Louise Laboratory assistant Lauritzen lab   E-mail
Hansen, Nikolaj Winther PhD student Perrier lab   E-mail
Hansen, Solvejg Lis Visiting Researcher Nielsen Lab +45 31 11 16 89 E-mail
Henmar, Simon Eske Rathleff Visiting Researcher Berg Lab   E-mail
Henriksen, Beatriche Louise Edelbo Visiting Researcher Berg Lab   E-mail
Herborg, Freja Assistant professor Gether lab +45 353-35411 E-mail
Hertz, Henrik PhD student Rath lab +45 30 26 58 13 E-mail
Hertz, John Visiting professor Roland lab   E-mail
Hervig, Mona El-Sayed Postdoc Gether Lab +45 51 33 96 03 E-mail
Holm, Amalie Student Kirkeby Lab   E-mail
Honoré, Astrid Sophie Pejstrup Student Kirkeby Lab +45 25 61 23 16 E-mail
Hounsgaard, Jørn Dybkjær Professor emeritus Hounsgaard Lab +45 21 16 22 17 E-mail
Houy, Sebastien Nicolas Julien Assistant professor Sørensen lab   E-mail
Hsu, Li-Ju Postdoc Kiehn lab   E-mail
Huang, Yuzhe Student Woldbye Lab   E-mail
Huijs, Hugo Theodoor Student Perrier Lab   E-mail
Hultborn, Hans Part-time lecturer Meehan lab +45 353-27461 E-mail
Hviid, Camille Gylling Student Kornum Lab   E-mail
Imig, Cordelia Assistant professor Imig Lab +45 353-24499 E-mail
Jahnsen, Henrik Part-time lecturer Rekling Lab +45 40 37 74 66 E-mail
Janiurek, Mette Mathiesen PhD student Lauritzen lab   E-mail
Jensen, Aske Graakjær Krogsgaard PhD student Lauritzen lab   E-mail
Jensen, Dennis Bo PhD student Meehan lab +45 353-34834 E-mail
Jensen, Kathrine Louise Postdoc Madsen lab   E-mail
Jensen, Nicolai Høtoft Finance adviser Administration +45 353-30747 E-mail
Justiniano, Mikkel Damgaard Guest researcher Nielsen lab   E-mail
Justinussen, Jessica Research assistant Gjedde Lab   E-mail
Jørgensen, Søren Heide PhD student Gether lab +45 353-37691 E-mail
Kaas, Anette Dencker Laboratory technician Gether lab +45 23 84 01 77 E-mail
Karlsson, Michael Karl Visiting Researcher MacAulay Lab   E-mail
Kaster, Pernille Ulrik Visiting Researcher Nielsen Lab   E-mail
Kaur, Jaspreet Postdoc Berg lab   E-mail
Khadim, Nabeela Laboratory technician Madsen lab +45 353-35273 E-mail
Khennouf, Lila International Researcher Lauritzen Lab   E-mail
Kiehn, Ole Professor Kiehn lab +45 93 56 59 63 E-mail
Kirkeby, Agnete Group leader Kirkeby Lab +45 51 68 53 53 E-mail
Kjær, Troels Wesenberg Visiting professor Nielsen lab   E-mail
Kjærulff, Ole Associate professor Kjærulff lab +45 29 61 19 26 E-mail
Klausen, Thomas Levin Assistant lecturer Teaching   E-mail
Klein Herenbrink, Carmen Postdoc Gether lab +45 26 36 44 18 E-mail
Konomi Pilkati, Ainoa Research assistant Madsen lab   E-mail
Konrad, Lisa PhD student Gether lab +45 353-35307 E-mail
Kornum, Birgitte Rahbek Associate professor Kornum Lab +45 50 51 15 11 E-mail
Kowalczyk, Camilla Louise Visiting teacher Nielsen Lab   E-mail
Kracmerová, Marion Student Meehan Lab +45 42 66 61 80 E-mail
Krarup, Christian Clinical professor Krarup lab   E-mail
Krauth, Nathalie Visiting Researcher Kiehn Lab   E-mail
Kristensen, Anna Meta Dyrvig Assistant lecturer Teaching +45 24 41 32 42 E-mail
Kucharz, Krzysztof Assistant professor Lauritzen lab +45 51 19 14 87 E-mail
Kupers, Ron Visiting Researcher Gjedde Lab +45 24 95 96 24 E-mail
Kutuzov, Nikolay Postdoc Lauritzen lab   E-mail
Kádková, Anna Postdoc Sørensen lab   E-mail
Kühl, Lars Erik Department administrator Administration +45 93 56 58 02 E-mail
Larsen, Helle Marie Hüche Visiting Researcher Nielsen Lab   E-mail
Larsen, Louise Møller Student Woldbye Lab   E-mail
Larsen, Silas Dalum Student Perrier Lab   E-mail
Lauritsen, Dorte Laboratory technician Sørensen lab   E-mail
Lauritzen, Martin Professor Lauritzen lab +45 51 29 81 69 E-mail
Leiras Gonzalez, Roberto Postdoc Kiehn lab   E-mail
Lemcke, René Postdoc Kornum Lab   E-mail
Lettorp, Magnus Student Kornum Lab +45 20 64 06 38 E-mail
Lie, Maria Elena Klibo Visiting Researcher Kornum Lab +45 353-34092 E-mail
Lilja, Jamila Probst Schiødte H Master thesis student Gether lab   E-mail
Lind, Barbara Lykke Assistant professor Lauritzen lab +45 61 77 79 70 E-mail
Lindholm, Sandy Ebba Hallengreen Student Woldbye Lab   E-mail
Lindén, Henrik Anders Assistant professor Berg lab +45 353-35421 E-mail
Liu, Mengting Master student Gether lab   E-mail
Lolansen, Sara Diana PhD student MacAulay Lab   E-mail
Lorentzen, Jakob Associate professor Lorentzen Lab +45 31 52 11 31 E-mail
Lorenzen, Niels Rasmus Student Gether Lab. Madsen Lab   E-mail
Lund, Viktor Karlovich Research assistant Kjærulff lab +45 26 14 11 72 E-mail
Lundorf, Rikke Bioanalyst Rath Lab +45 93 56 56 85 E-mail
Lycas, Matthew Domenic Research assistant Gether lab   E-mail
Lyster, Aslak Emil Research assistant Nielsen Lab   E-mail
Løland, Claus Juul Professor Løland Lab +45 287-56407 E-mail
Lønstrup, Micael Laboratory technician Lauritzen lab +45 24 66 14 13 E-mail
MacAulay, Nanna Professor MacAulay Lab +45 353-27566 E-mail
Madsen, Kenneth Lindegaard Associate professor Madsen lab +45 23 64 94 01 E-mail
Mamedova, Esmira PhD student Rekling lab   E-mail
Mannering, Sigrid Marie Hammer Student assistant Administration   E-mail
Marcantoni, Maite PhD student Kiehn lab   E-mail
Masini, Debora Postdoc Kiehn Lab +45 22 74 47 65 E-mail
Mathiesen, Alberte Vad Attendant Administration   E-mail
Meehan, Claire Francesca Associate professor Meehan Lab +45 28 60 42 07 E-mail
Meinertz, Dorthe Laboratory Technician Perrier lab +45 29 61 21 99 E-mail
Mellerup, Erling Thyge Associate professor emeritus Gether lab, Woldbye Lab +45 21 64 84 08 E-mail
Michler, Lars MSc Engineering Administration +45 353-27228 E-mail
Middleton, Daniel Philip PhD student Rasmussen lab   E-mail
Midtgaard, Jens Guest researcher Nielsen lab   E-mail
Mikkelsen, Jens D. Professor Teaching +45 35 45 67 01 E-mail
Milan, Joachim Birch Guest researcher MacAulay lab   E-mail
Moldovan, Mihai Visiting Researcher Krarup Lab +45 26 63 00 85 E-mail
Montanana Rosell, Roser PhD Fellow Kiehn lab   E-mail
Mouhammad, Zaynab Ahmad Assistant lecturer Teaching  
Mustafic, Ima Senior Mobility Consultant Kiehn Lab +45 93 51 15 39 E-mail
Mustafic, Ima Senior advisor Lauritzen Lab +45 93 51 15 39 E-mail
Møller, Morten Professor emeritus Rath lab +45 24 48 02 76 E-mail
Møller, Oliver Knights Student Kirkeby Lab  
Najarro, Elias Student Berg Lab   E-mail
Nemati Karimooy, Faezeh Visiting Researcher Kornum Lab +45 52 82 55 28 E-mail
Nielsen, Jens Bo Head of section, professor Nielsen lab +45 353-27450 E-mail
Nielsen, Jeppe Cederholm Student Løland lab   E-mail
Noes-Holt, Gith PhD student Madsen lab   E-mail
Nørr, Søren Emil Industrial PhD Gether Lab +45 353-24179 E-mail
Pacolet, Alexander Carine Wim Student Nielsen Lab   E-mail
Pankratova, Stanislava Guest researcher Woldbye lab   E-mail
Pedersen, Anders Bohl Verhein Animal caretaker, flexible job Kjærulff lab   E-mail
Pedersen, Anna-Kathrine Visiting Researcher Woldbye Lab   E-mail
Pedersen, Maiken Østergaard Student Sørensen lab   E-mail
Pedersen, Sofie Eggers Research assistant Madsen lab +45 23 84 01 74 E-mail
Perrier, Jean-Francois Marie Associate professor Perrier lab +45 23 81 27 46 E-mail
Petersen, Louise Piilgaard PhD student Kornum Lab   E-mail
Pfersdorf, Fabian Nico Student Rasmussen Lab   E-mail
Pingel, Jessica Assistant professor Nielsen lab +45 353-27338 E-mail
Pjetursson, Lærke Bak Academic staff Lauritzen lab  
Plenge, Per Krener Associate professor, research and development Løland lab +45 35 45 61 02 E-mail
Posselt, Leonie Pauline Research assistant Gether Lab +45 353-27146 E-mail
Poulsen, Ida Hjorslev Student Løland Lab   E-mail
Precht, Mikkel Holstener Student Sørensen Lab   E-mail
Ptito, Maurice Visiting Researcher +45 353-35277 E-mail
Pugh, Ciara Frances Visiting student Løland Lab +353857147256 E-mail
Ramon Santonja, Adrian Research assistant Kirkeby Lab +45 27 09 99 89 E-mail
Rasmussen, Camilla Mai Student Rekling lab   E-mail
Rasmussen, Søren Gøgsig Faarup Associate professor Rasmussen lab +45 23 39 78 12 E-mail
Rasul, Aqella Scholarship student Lorentzen Lab   E-mail
Rath, Martin Fredensborg Associate professor Rath lab +45 93 56 53 94 E-mail
Rathore, Gaurav Singh PhD fellow Kirkeby Lab   E-mail
Reis Rifes, Pedro Goncalo Assistant professor Kirkeby Lab   E-mail
Rekling, Jens Christian Associate professor Rekling Lab +45 31 52 65 40 E-mail
Rickhag, Karl Mattias Associate professor Gether lab +45 23 84 00 83 E-mail
Rigat, Ludovica Student Gether Lab +45 353-21006 E-mail
Ritterband-Rosenbaum, Anina Visiting Researcher Nielsen lab   E-mail
Rogers, Nicole Katarina Student Kirkeby Lab   E-mail
Roland, Per Ebbe Professor Roland lab +45 21 16 22 31 E-mail
Rombach, Joscha Student Madsen Lab   E-mail
Rosenbæk, Lena Lindtoft Postdoc MacAulay lab   E-mail
Rosenkranz, Søren Hofman Visiting Researcher Woldbye Lab +45 28 86 71 76 E-mail
Rosenquist, Lone Laboratory technician Løland Lab +45 23 84 00 80 E-mail
Rostgaard, Nina Guest researcher MacAulay lab   E-mail
Rusimbi, Charlotte Nuru Student Kirkeby Lab   E-mail
Rømer, Troels Boldt Assistant lecturer Teaching   E-mail
Rønborg, Søren Nicolaj Assistant lecturer Teaching  
Schmidt, Jan Hendrik PhD student Madsen Lab   E-mail
Schmidt, Sofia Rebekka Boldt Student Gether Lab   E-mail
Schmidt, Solveig Gaarde PhD student Løland lab   E-mail
Schupp, Melanie Visiting Researcher Sørensen Lab   E-mail
Shaaban, Ahmed Postdoc Imig Lab   E-mail
Silvestre Martins, Joana Andreia PhD student Sørensen lab   E-mail
Simonsen, Erik Bruun Part-time lecturer Simonsen Lab   E-mail
Soud, Katia Guest researcher Woldbye Lab +45 81 91 48 66 E-mail
Stannius, Tobias Overlund Student Kirkeby Lab   E-mail
Stauning, Marius Ahm Assistant lecturer Teaching   E-mail
Steffensen, Annette Buur Assistant professor MacAulay lab +45 40 16 21 07 E-mail
Studsgård, Anette Administrative officer, department secretary Administration +45 353-37870 E-mail
Støier, Jonatan Fullerton PhD student Gether lab +45 353-32529 E-mail
Suárez Zdunek, Moisés Alberto Assistant lecturer Teaching +45 52 66 47 37 E-mail
Svane, Christian PhD student Nielsen lab +45 28 72 90 54 E-mail
Szczygiel, Julia Alicja Visiting Researcher Woldbye Lab   E-mail
Sørensen, Andreas Toft Assistant professor Gether lab +45 353-33078 E-mail
Sørensen, Caroline Måneblomst Student Woldbye Lab   E-mail
Sørensen, Jakob Balslev Professor Sørensen lab +45 51 68 04 99 E-mail
Tamene, Sarah Assistant lecturer Teaching   E-mail
Tawfik, Bassam Visiting Researcher Sørensen Lab +45 353-35442 E-mail
Therkildsen, Eva Rudjord PhD Fellow Lorentzen Lab   E-mail
Thomsen, Kirsten Joan Visiting Researcher Lauritzen lab +45 51 18 80 67 E-mail
Toft-Bertelsen, Trine Lisberg Assistant professor MacAulay lab +45 353-28435 E-mail
Vesth-Hansen, Iryna Laboratory technician Kiehn lab   E-mail
Wakabayashi, Hanne Naomi Nurse MacAulay Lab   E-mail
Wardman, Jonathan Henry Assistant professor MacAulay Lab   E-mail
Wiggers, Astrid Assistant lecturer Teaching   E-mail
Willerslev-Olsen, Maria Guest researcher Nielsen lab   E-mail
Willumsen, Alex Affiliate (guest researcher) Berg Lab +45 353-35392 E-mail
Woldbye, David Paul Drucker Associate professor Woldbye lab +45 40 15 63 89 E-mail
Wolf, Miriam Theresia Guest researcher Woldbye lab   E-mail
Zambach, Stefan Andreas Research assistant Lauritzen lab +45 27 99 88 17 E-mail
Zeuthen, Thomas Professor emeritus. MacAulay lab   E-mail
Zhou, Eva Student Sørensen Lab   E-mail
Zhukov, Oleg PhD Fellow Lauritzen lab   E-mail
de Diego Ajenjo, Amaia PhD student Woldbye lab +45 353-32527 E-mail
Ørnbo, Eva Kjer PhD fellow MacAulay Lab   E-mail