Martin Fredensborg Rath

Martin Fredensborg Rath

Associate Professor

Research area

Circadian rhythms are endogenous rhythms with a 24-hour period that enable living organisms to synchronize biological functions to the ambient light regime. In the mammalian brain circadian rhythms are regulated by the photoneuroendocrine system consisting of the suprachiasmatic nucleus of hypothalamus, the pineal gland and the retina. In a combined effort involving neuroanatomical and molecular biological techniques, we are studying development and function of the circadian system of the mammalian brain.


Research group

Associate professor Martin Fredensborg Rath, PhD

Postdoc Tenna Bering, PhD

PhD-student Mikkel Bloss Carstensen, MSc

PhD-sudent Henrik Hertz, MSc

Lab technician Rikke Lundorf, BMLT

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