Madsen Lab

My research addresses fundamental aspects of basic pharmacology, molecular pharmacology and neuropharmacology, with certain potential translational parts.

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Lab members

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Ainoa Konomi Pilkati PhD Fellow Gether Lab. Billede af Ainoa Konomi Pilkati
Andreas Haahr Larsen Postdoc Billede af Andreas Haahr Larsen
Arkajyoti Sarkar Master-Student Madsen Lab Billede af Arkajyoti Sarkar
Gith Noes-Holt PhD Student Toft Sørensen Lab Billede af Gith Noes-Holt
Ida Buur Kanneworff Guest Researcher Madsen Lab Billede af Ida Buur Kanneworff
Jan Hendrik Schmidt Research Assistant Gether lab Billede af Jan Hendrik Schmidt
Joscha Rombach PhD Student Madsen Lab Billede af Joscha Rombach
Kathrine Louise Jensen Postdoc Madsen lab Billede af Kathrine Louise Jensen
Kenneth Lindegaard Madsen Associate Professor - Promotion Programme Madsen lab Billede af Kenneth Lindegaard Madsen
Line Sivertsen PhD Fellow Madsn Lab. Billede af Line Sivertsen
Nabeela Khadim Laboratory Technician Madsen lab Billede af Nabeela Khadim
Rita Chan Andersen Academic Research Staff Madsen Lab Billede af Rita Chan Andersen
Sofie Eggers Pedersen PhD Student Madsen Lab Billede af Sofie Eggers Pedersen