Lauritzen Lab

Research in this laboratory concentrates on the neural and astrocytic mechanisms of local vascular regulation. Our basic research circles around blood flow control and blood-brain barrier properties under normal physiological conditions.

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Lauritzen group

Lab members

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Aftab Bakhtiari PhD Fellow Lauritzen Lab Billede af Aftab Bakhtiari
Changsi Cai Assistant Professor Cai lab Billede af Changsi Cai
Chen He PhD Student Cai Lab Billede af Chen He
Christina Latt Fjorbak PhD Fellow Lauritzen Lab Billede af Christina Latt Fjorbak
Kirsten Joan Thomsen Guest Researcher Lauritzen Lab Billede af Kirsten Joan Thomsen
Krzysztof Kucharz Associate Professor Lauritzen lab Billede af Krzysztof Kucharz
Lechan Tao PhD Student Lauritzen Lab, Cai Lab Billede af Lechan Tao
Martin Lauritzen Professor Lauritzen lab Billede af Martin Lauritzen
Nikolay Kutuzov Postdoc Lauritzen lab Billede af Nikolay Kutuzov
Oleg Zhukov Research Assistant Lauritzen lab Billede af Oleg Zhukov
Søren Grubb Assistant Professor Lauritzen lab Billede af Søren Grubb
Xiao Zhang Postdoc Cai Lab, Lauritzen Lab Billede af Xiao Zhang