Carl Petersen

Brain Mind Institute, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland

“Cortical circuits controlling orofacial movement”

Recent publications
  • Matteucci G, Guyoton M, Mayrhofer JM, Auffret M, Foustoukos G, Petersen CCH, El-Boustani S (2022) Cortical sensory processing across motivational states during goal-directed behavior. Neuron110: 4176-4193.
  • Esmaeili V, Tamura K, Muscinelli SP, Modirshanechi A, Boscaglia M, Lee AB, Oryshchuk A, Foustoukos G, Liu Y, Crochet S, Gerstner W, Petersen CCH (2021) Rapid suppression and sustained activation of distinct cortical regions for a delayed sensory-triggered motor response. Neuron 109: 2183-2201.
  • Gasselin C, Hohl B, Vernet A, Crochet S, Petersen CCH (2021) Cell-type-specific nicotinic input disinhibits mouse barrel cortex during active sensing. Neuron 109: 778-787.  
  • Staiger JF, Petersen CCH (2021) Neuronal circuits in barrel cortex for whisker sensory perception. Physiol Rev 101: 353-415.