Network for Young Neuroscientists


28th October 2022, 14-18, Faculty Club

Don’t we all want to see our name in Nature neuroscience?

Dr Elisa Floriddia, senior editor at nature neuroscience

Scope of Network for Young Neuroscientists (NYN)

Network for Young Neuroscientist is established to facilitate collaborations, knowledge sharing, and education of young researchers at IN, and to broadly promote the community and research of young neuroscientists by organizing scientific, educational, and social networking events.

The network is directed to young researchers, such as PhD students, Postdocs, Assistant Prof. and Junior Group leaders, but everyone who is interested can participate to the events. ​​

Four areas: networking, socialising, science talks, personal development 

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Steering Committee

Name Title Phone E-mail
Freja Herborg Associate Professor +4535335411 E-mail
Peter C. Petersen Assistant Professor   E-mail