DIM the Brain series

DIM the Brain (Discussion on how to Image and Modulate the Brain ) seminar series is a monthly event held and organized by young neuroscientists at SUND, University of Copenhagen. The talks are exclusively provided by student scientists doing brain research and are affiliated with a research group represented across various institutions at University of Copenhagen. 

The goal of DIM the Brain is to promote the exchange of knowledge and generate an informal platform for interacting and discussing research by listening and learning from peer students that brings the best they got! Thus, the audience is bachelors, masters, PhDs, postdocs students, and early assistant professors - and if you are one of them, you are always invited and should join! 

We realized among the plethora of neuroscience topics and methods represented at SUND, that it is important to bring and share technical competence into one forum. By this, we can expand our horizon and learn how our next scientific question can be best answered, perhaps assisted by an expert SUND colleague already working here and you did not know beforehand. 

During the entire year, a collection of various topics/methods chosen among the various disciplines are brought to the scene. At these talks, always starting at lunch time, we serve free pizza and soda, so we all have a good reason why to skip our “local” lunch! For this, however, active sign-up through the Facebook group

Also, feel free to ask questions or volunteer as our upcoming speaker by contacting one of the organizers. 

We hope to see you at the next DIM the Brain.

On behalf of the organizers:
Trine Toft, PhD
Department of Neuroscience
E-mail: trineto@sund.ku.dk 

Tina Esmail, PhD stud.
Center for Translational Neuromedicine
E-mail: tina.esmail@sund.ku.dk