Christian Henneberger

Institute of Cellular Neurosciences at the University of Bonn, Germany

Astrocytic control of glutamatergic synaptic crosstalk and dendritic integration in the hippocampus

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Recent relevant publications
  • K. Bohmbach, N. Masala, E.M. Schönhense, K. Hill, A.N. Haubrich, A. Zimmer, T. Opitz, H. Beck, C. Henneberger (2022) An astrocytic signaling loop for frequency-dependent control of dendritic integration and spatial learning. Nat. Commun. 13(1):7932. (link, open access)
  • Herde K, Bohmbach K, Domingos C, Vana N, Komorowska-Müller JA, Passlick S,  Schwarz I, Jackson CJ, Dietrich D, Schwarz MK, Henneberger C (2020) Local efficacy of glutamate uptake decreases with synapse size. Cell Rep. 32(12):108182 (link, open access)
  • Henneberger C, Bard L, Panatier A, Reynolds J, Kopach O, Medvedev NI, Minge D, Herde MK, Anders S, Kraev I, Heller JP, Rama S, Zheng K, Jensen TP, Sanchez-Romero I, Jackson C, Janovjak H, Ottersen OP, Nagelhus EA, Oliet SHR, Stewart MG, Nägerl UV, Rusakov DA (2020) LTP induction boosts glutamate spillover by driving withdrawal of perisynaptic astroglia. Neuron 108(5):919-936. (link, open access)
  • Semyanov A, Henneberger C, Agarwal A (2020) Making sense of astrocytic calcium signals — from acquisition to interpretation. Nat. Rev. Neurosci. 21(10):551–564. (link)
  • King CM, Bohmbach K, Minge D, Delekate A, Zheng K, Reynolds J, Rakers C, Zeug A, Petzold GC, Rusakov DA, Henneberger C (2020) Local Resting Ca2+ Controls the Scale of Astroglial Ca2+ Signals. Cell Rep. 30(10):3466-3477 (link, open access)
  • Breithausen B, Kautzmann S, Boehlen A, Steinhäuser C, Henneberger C (2020) Limited contribution of astroglial gap junction coupling to buffering of extracellular K+ in CA1 stratum radiatum. Glia. 68(5):918-931 (link, open access)

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