Laura Mikél Mc Nair

Laura Mikél McNair

Guest Researcher, Assistant Professor

Member of:

    I am an enthusiastic and self-driven research scientist, with an organised work style, flexible mind-set and outgoing personality. I enjoy challenges, team-work and the pursuit of new knowledge. I have contributed to laboratory research since 2011, including two stays at excellent foreign universities. Having mastered multiple in vivo and in vitro laboratory techniques and complex data analysis approaches, I am prepared to face any new challenging research adventures.

    Current research

    I am an energetic and ambitious neuroscientist applying my skills from a master's degree in pharmacy and PhD in neurochemistry at the University of Copenhagen. I contribute to research striving to identify novel drug scaffolds with relevance for psychiatric disorders by screening natural products in neurotransmitter uptake- and binding assays. 

    Fields of interest

    I am passionate about body and brain interactions, cellular energy and mitochondrial metabolism, neuroscience --in particular neurone-astrocyte relationship, neuroplasticity and neurotransmitter homeostasis--, cognition and memory formation, addiction and reward; (type three) diabetes; ageing. 

    ID: 44491929