9 November 2017

Talent Prize for Postdoc Christian Laut Ebbesen

Postdoc Christian Laut Ebbesen from the Department of Neuroscience has received the Lundbeck Foundation’s Talent Prize of DKK 100,000 kroner, which is given once a year to scientists under the age of 30 who have conducted particularly promising research within the health and medical sciences.

Christian Laut Ebbesen does research into the brain’s network for social behaviour. Social interactions such as coupling and raising offspring are main aspects of the pattern of life of both humans and animals. By mapping changes in brain activity and the brain’s hormonal balance – e.g. when being touched – we gain knowledge that may form a basis for new ways of treating mental conditions characterised by social disorders such as social anxiety, postnatal depression and autism spectrum diagnoses.

The prizes and fellowships were awarded on the evening of Monday 6 November to a total of 11 scientists, 3 of them from SUND.