30 November 2020

Professor Ole Kiehn appointed for Rector's Researcher Panel


The newly established Rector’s Researcher Panel will informally discuss current issues and dilemmas.

Ole Kiehn

At least twice a year, six UCPH researchers will meet with rector Henrik C. Wegener to provide advice and researcher-based sparring. They are members of the newly established Rector's Researcher Panel, which is an independent and informal forum, for frank discussions about topical issues and their influence on the everyday life at UCPH and the university's role in society. 

The Rector's Researcher Panel consists of six members – one from each of the university's faculties. The members have been appointed by the Rector on the basis of two nominations made by the faculties' academic councils and approved by the Dean. Each member is appointed for three years and can be reappointed once. Ole Kiehn is thus the member from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. 

Despite the requirements for the academic and personal composition of the panel, the participating researchers have been appointed solely in their personal capacity and not as representatives of their faculty. 

The other members of the Researcher Panel are Jesper Lau Hansen (JUR), Detlef Siegfried (HUM), Tine Ravnsted-Larsen Reeh (TEO), Astreyee Sen (SAMF) and Lotte Holm (SCIENCE).