20 December 2019

Ole Kiehn receives DKK 32 million to research integrated neural circuits

Professor Ole Kiehn, the Department of Neuroscience, has received a grant of DKK 32 million. He will be conducting research into integrated neural circuits that control movements in the spinal cord, the brainstem and in the brain.

A better understanding of how the circuits work can be of great importance for diseases where people lose control of their movements. For example, Parkinson's, ALS and spinal cord injuries.

‘The motor function is an important area of research because movements are the brain's only physical expression in the world and in the way we interact with our surroundings in various contexts, for example, when we are hungry, walking around or fleeing from danger. The motor nerve cell circuits are a mirror for even the most complex brain functions’, says Professor Ole Kiehn, adding:

‘It is an extremely generous grant, which means that we can plan our research carefully and deliberately far into the future and focus on this specific research area’.