29 November 2018

New Master’s Programme in Neuro Rehabilitation

Society needs experts in brain and nervous system conditions. On the initiative of the Department of Neuroscience, SUND will therefore now introduce a new professional master’s programme in neuro rehabilitation providing health professionals with research-based skills in treating neurological conditions. The new program will be launched in September 2020.

Neurological conditions represent a widespread problem, and there is an increasing need for strengthening the experts in the healthcare system who undertake rehabilitation of patients with brain and nervous system conditions. The newly established professional master’s degree programme in neuro rehabilitation is mainly targeted at doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and psychologists within the Danish healthcare system.

A recurring and significant aspect of the new professional master’s degree programme is the link between research and clinical practice, that is, the translational aspect that will make the graduates attractive to employers. The teaching will be structured around issues relevant to the students’ own work life and consist of video lectures, virtual and augmented reality, discussions of theory and methods combined with clinical training and patient demonstrations.

The professional master’s degree programme, which will be launched in September 2020 and consist of five modules, is a part-time study and admits 25 new students every second year.

The initiative to develop the new program was made by Prof. Jens Bo Nielsen at the Department of Neuroscience. Associate Prof. Jakob Lorentzen has been appointed as the responsible program manager at the department to take care of the forthcoming implementation process. Head of Department of Neuroscience, Prof. Ulrik Gether says: “I am very happy that we succeeded in getting the new education  in neuro rehabilitation approved. Prof. Jens Bo Nielsen and his team has done a fantastic job, Ultimately, I am sure that the program will be of benefit to many patients. At the  Department of Neuroscience, we are happy to host the education and support the implementation process in the coming year together with the Faculty”.