30 January 2023

Loved it! NeuroGrad Winter School F-2-F


after two years of corona-zoom versions – were the PhD students in neuroscience, the NeuroGrads, able to assemble for their yearly day of sharing their science at NeuroGrad Winter School. So lovely to see all of you again and hearing about your impressive scientific endeavours

NeuroGrad Winter School F-2-F

Thanks to Brain Prize Winner 2022 Ole Kiehn for giving an awesome presentation on motor control and to Professor and centre director Peter Vuust for wrapping up the day with his insightful – and highly entertaining – sharing of how our brains react to music.

Congrats to PhD students Andreas V Thomsen, Elisabeth A Wibroe, and Tobias M Axelsen for receiving the ‘Best presentation’ prizes and to PhD students Ainoa K Pilkati, Marie H Christensen, and Sahla El Mahdaoui for receiving the ‘Best poster’ prizes.

Thanks to PhD student Laura Rose for contributing the image to the NeuroGrad Winter School 2023 mug. Can’t wait to see that mug spread around the Faculty in the coming years!

See you all again for the 2024 edition of NeuroGrad Winter School!