15 February 2023

Ilary Allodi featured in the Stories of Women in Neuroscience (WiN) podcast


The Stories of WiN project highlights the stories of women neuroscientists at different career stages and from diverse backgrounds and subfields. This time, Ilary Allodi is the center of attention.

Ilary Allodi

“It is fitting that Dr. Ilary Allodi, who enjoys writing short stories in her free time, began her foray into neuroscience with a book. As a teenager, Ilary read Searching for Memory by Daniel Schacter, which details the psychological mechanisms of memory, drawing substantially from the lessons of unique clinical cases. This book piqued her curiosity about the brain and in particular, the changes that occur during disease. Ilary continues to be motivated and inspired by the clinical cases and human experiences that underlie many of the research questions in neuroscience. Now, as a principal investigator at the University of Copenhagen and a lecturer at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, Ilary studies motor neuron degeneration in the context of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).”

So begins the in-depth interview with Ilary Allodi for Stories of WiN. The full interview can be found here, where the podcast can be accessed in the bottom of the page.