20 September 2019

Department of Neuroscience receives DKK 55 million from the Lundbeck Foundation

The Lundbeck Foundation has decided to support five projects at Department of Neuroscience which all aim at finding the cause for different brain diseases.

  • Prof. Ulrik Gether and Assis. Prof. Freja Herborg receive DKK 10 million to investigate the dysfunctions in the brain’s dopamine system in relation to neuropsychiatric disorders.
  • Prof. Rigmor Højland Jensen and Prof. Nanna MacAulay receive DKK 10 million to investigate the brain's regulation of the water content of the brain.
  • Prof. Ole Kiehn together with Prof. Giberto Fisone, Karolinska Instituttet, receives DKK 10 million to develop targeted repair of motor disabilities in Pakinson's Disease.
  • Prof. Jakob Balslev Sørensen and Assoc. Prof. Jean-Francois Perrier in collaboration with Assoc. Prof. Rikke Møller and Assoc. Prof. Elena Gardella from the Danish Epilepsy hospital Filadelfia and Prof. Matthijs Verhage from Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, receive DKK 15 million to develop new models and methods to study neurodevelopmental diseases caused by mutation of synaptic proteins.
  • Assoc. Prof. Petrine Wellendorph and Assoc. Prof. Birgitte Rahbek Kornum receive DKK 10 million to investigate the material GBH, which naturally occurs in the brain in order to develop new medicine for brain diseases.

Read the full article from the Lundbeck Foundation (in Danish).