11 November 2021

Cordelia Imig awarded Jennifer N. Bourne Prize in Brain Ultrastructure

Jennifer N. Bourne Prize

Assistant Professor Cordelia Imig receives Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Early Career Award.

Cordelia Imig
Photo credit: Léa Nielsen

The Jennifer N. Bourne Prize in Brain Ultrastructure recognizes early-career neuroscientists within the first five years of their academic appointments for “outstanding work that advances our understanding of brain structure and structure-function relationships at the nanometer scale”. The $5,000 prize is funded by Kristen M. Harris, PhD, and shared in 2021 by Cordelia Imig (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) and Wei-Chung Allen Lee (Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, USA). 

During her PhD and postdoctoral work at the Max Planck Institute of Experimental Medicine in Göttingen, Germany, Cordelia established experimental workflows to image neuronal synapses in brain tissue at rest and during defined activity states by combining cryofixation and high-resolution 3D electron microscopic imaging approaches. The Imig lab at UCPH focusses on dissecting molecular determinants of synaptic-like signaling along the gut-brain-axis.

Read the full press release from Society for Neuroscience here.