11 May 2023

Ceremedy lands an agreement with global pharmaceutical company


The spinout company Ceremedy from Department of Neuroscience and Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology at the University of Copenhagen has reached an agreement with a global pharmaceutical company.

Ceremedy team

The three KU researchers Petrine Wellendorph, Bente Frølund and Birgitte Kornum are behind Ceremedy. Also joining the company is Casper Tind Hansen, who has experience with business development within biotech. 

The small team has succeeded in achieving success in a field that is otherwise often referred to as the "medicinal industry's largest graveyard" - drugs for treatment within the central nervous system (CNS). 

"We are subject to fairly strict requirements for what we are allowed to say, and it is not very much." says Birgitte Kornum. "But I can tell you that in the agreement the company undertakes all the financing. We bring research, and they bring money and know-how.” 

The aim of the agreement is ultimately to launch a new drug within the CNS area. It requires an agreement with one of the large pharmaceutical companies, and it is this agreement that is now in place.