19 August 2021



- a F2F conference!

Scenes from the BrainH2O conference

In August, Professor Nanna MacAulay hosted a translational conference on brain fluids, encompassing clinical research on brain pathologies involving disturbed brain fluid dynamics, basic research on brain fluid secretion, circulation, and absorption – and modelling thereof, in addition to the field of cerebrospinal fluid composition in health and disease. The goal of the conference was to share the science that we envision will help diagnose and treat the patients with disturbed brain fluid balance.

More than 80 attendants joined the conference, which turned into a hybrid version with some of the participants required to join online due to travel restrictions imposed by the delta-version of the Covid-19. All participants enjoyed seeing colleagues from around the world again and listening to inspiring talks by Professor Jeff Iliff (UW Medicine), Professor Michael Williams (UW Medicine), Denali Fellow Robert Thorne (Denali Pharmaceuticals), Professor Kathleen Digre (U of Utah Health), Bryn Martin (Alcyone), amongst many other excellent scientists.

Thanks to the Novo Nordic Foundation and the graduate school at SUND for their support.