2 June 2023

4 researchers from Department of Neuroscience receives grants from the Independent Research Fund Denmark


Every year, the Independent Research Fund Denmark DFF funds hundreds of research projects. The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences SUND at the University of Copenhagen receives 36 grants of which 4 has been given to researchers at Department of Neuroscience.

Claus Løland, Jakob Sørensen, Jean-Francois Perrier and Jens Bo Nielsen

Claus Juul Løland, Jakob Balslev Sørensen, Jens-Francois Perrier and Jens Bo Nielsen receive funding from the Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF).

The grants come from the DFF Research Project 1 and DFF Research Project 2.

A DFF-Research Project 1 is characterised by being a clear and well defined research question, where the research activities are expected to be of a high, international level of quality

The DFF–Research Project 2 is often characterised by a coordinated and mutually binding collaboration featuring a well-defined, joint research question. However, it may also be a project formulated by a single researcher

  • Claus Juul Løland
    The structural basis for the binding of cocaine to the human dopamine transporter 
    2.880.000 DKK
    Research project 1
  • Jakob Balslev Sørensen
    Deciphering changes of excitation/inhibition-balance in the SNAREopathies 
    2.897.583 DKK
    Research project 1
  • Jean-Francois Marie Perrier
    Astrocytes reinforce Theta Rhythm during memory acquisition 
    2.880.000 DKK
    Research project 1
  • Jens Bo Nielsen
    Neural mechanisms involved in improved gait performance 
    4.796.675 DKK
    Research project 2

Read more about the grants and their recipients here (in Danish).