24 May 2017

15 Million DKK to translational research in brain water

Associate Professor Nanna MacAulay together with Consultant Doctor and Professor Marianne Juhler (Department of Neurosurgery, Rigshospitalet) received 15 million DKK from the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s Tandem Program to resolve the molecular mechanisms of CSF production and investigate the possibilities of employing these as pharmacological targets in alleviation of the increased intracranial pressure associated with hydrocephalus.  

Even though imbalance in brain fluids has serious consequences, the molecular mechanisms controlling the water balance of the brain have remained unresolved.  The condition hydrocephalus is therefore currently treated by surgical methods, one of which relies on introduction of a ‘valve’ into the ventricular system in the brain. This ‘valve’ has an average service life of two years, and the patients are therefore subjected to repeated neurosurgical operations throughout life. With the grant, the researchers aim to identify possible molecular targets for future pharmacological treatment of hydrocephalus patients, possibly as a supplement to neurosurgical operation.