Molecular biology: Mutagenesis, PCR, protein expression in mammalian cells/neurons and Xenopus laevis oocytes

Pharmacology: Uptake assays, radioligand binding assays, scintillation proximity binding [SPA], FRET-based sensors of intracellular signaling

Biochemistry: Protein expression/purification, western, Co-IP, fluorescent labeling

Imaging: Confocal fluorescence microscopy (including live imaging), immunohistochemistry, superresolution microscopy (PALM/STORM), single particle tracking, fluorescent ligands

Genetic mouse models (knock-out mice, knock-in mice, conditional knock-outs)

Mouse behavior: E.g. open field, EPM, 5-choice serial reaction time task etc.

Viral expression technique (including retrograde techniques) in vitro and in vivo for chemogenetics, optogenetics and other manipulations