Full name:   Per Ebbe Roland
Birth day:     November 21, 1943
Nationality: DANISH
Birth place: Copenhagen, Denmark
Title and position: Professor of Neurodynamics, M.D., PhD.,


PhD Thesis: An anatomical and physiological study of somatosensory detection of microgeometry, macrogeometry and kinaesthesia in man. 1987, University of Copenhagen.
Studied 2 years at McGill, Montreal Neurological Institute, Montreal, 1979-1980.

Clinical Education

MD, University of Copenhagen, 1970
Certified Specialist in Neurology, Denmark 1983. Sweden 1988.


2013-         Professor of Neurodynamics, Dept. Neuroscience, University of Copenhagen.

2011-2013 Professor of Neuroscience, Dept. Neuroscience and Pharmacology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
1988- 2010 Professor of Brain Research at the Karolinska Institute.
1984-1987 Visiting professor at the Karolinska Institute.
1979-1980 Research Fellow, Montreal Neurological Institute.
1972-1976 Scientific assistant. University Hospital Copenhagen (Rigshospitalet Dept. Neurology & Neurosurgery)
1968-1970 Scientific scholarship in Neuroscience, University of Copenhagen.
Senior lecturer at University of Copenhagen, Department of Neurology, 1982.