In vivo animal experimentation on anesthetized rodents (including artificial ventilation and measurements of blood gases in addition to determination of brain water and electrolyte content)

In vivo determination of cerebrospinal fluid production (ventriculo-cisternal perfusion and whole animal live imaging; Li-cor Biosciences’ Pearl small animal imaging)

Ion-sensitive microelectrode measurements of (K+, pH, extracellular space) in rodent brain slices

Micro-fluidic chip-based volume measurements of mammalian cells

Two-electrode voltage clamp of Xenopus oocytes (heterologously expressing transport proteins)

Volume measurements of Xenopus oocytes (heterologously expressing transport proteins)

Radio-isotope flux measurements (in ex vivo tissue, cell culture, Xenopus oocytes)

Molecular biology (plasmid preparation, mutagenesis, subcloning, sequencing, in vitro RNA transcription, etc.)

Western blot, surface biotinylation, immunostaining, etc.