Personal data

Name: Kenneth Lindegaard Madsen
Born: October 23. 1975, Taastrup, Denmark
Contact: Dept. of Neuroscience, UCPH Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
Phone (+45) 23649401

Publications and Scientific Activities

31 peer reviewed papers (Plos Biology, Nat Chem Bio, PNAS, EMBO, JNS, Nature Com, Structure, JBC)
1140 citations (37 citations/paper), H-index 15, H10 21, 1 Patent.


National and international conferences:
2017 EMBO Conference, Endocytic trafficking and signaling, Seerock, Poland
2017 Molecular basis for membrane remodelling and organization, Roscoff, France
2016 FENS, Chair and speaker, Copenhagen, DK
2016 Winter Conference on Brain Research (WCBR), Breckenridge, Colorado, USA
2015 Benzon symposium, Copenhagen, DK
2013 Membranes and Membrane Proteins, CBN Conference, Copenhagen, DK
2012 Winter Conference on Brain Research (WCBR), Snowbird, Utah, USA
2009 Co-organizer of ‘Brain and Mind Forum’, Chair of ‘Reward and Addiction’
2005 Society for Neuroscience 35rd Annual Meeting, Washington DC, USA
2003- Attended >20 international conferences including GRC, SFN with Posters


2005-08 (May) PhD, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, UCPH
2002-04 M.Sc., Biochemistry, UCPH
1998-2001 Bachelor, Biochemistry, UCPH
1994-97 Bachelor, Geography, UCPH

Appointments and Awards

2013 Associate Professor, Dept. of Neuroscience and Pharmacology, UCPH
2010-13 Post Doc fellowship, personal grant FSS
2008-10 Post Doc, funded by KU, Programme of Excellence
2004-07 PhD scholarship, Fellowship from Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
2002-04 M.Sc scholarship, Grant from Bioteknologirådet (DKK 50.000)


2017 NOVO Pre-seed (DKK 500.000)
2016 FSS FP1 (DKK 2,500,000)
2015 Lundbeckfonden PhD fellowship (DKK 1,575,000)
2014 FSS FP1 (DKK 2,500,000) + FSS (DKK 216,000)
2013 Postdoctoral grant from the Lundbeckfonden (DKK 454,000)
2011 Research grant (‘strategimidler’) from the DNP (DKK 150,000)
2009 Postdoctoral fellowship (3 years) from (FSS) (DKK 2,775,600)

Scientific focus areas

Neurobiology and neuropharmacology with special attention given to the dopamine system and glutamate receptor trafficking during synaptic plasticity in health and disease. Protein-lipid and protein-protein interactions and their pharmacology (particularly PDZ domains). Main methods: advanced light microscopy, including live microscopy and fluorescence energy transfer (FRET) and total internal reflection (TIRF) microscopy.
The research group currently constitutes 10 persons.