Patch-clamp in vitro (incl. capacitance measurements, measurement of synaptic transmission)

Ca2+-measurements (optical)

Ca2+-uncaging, lipid uncaging (optical uncaging)

Amperometry (chrono-voltammetry)

Cell culture (incl. adrenal chromaffin cells, INS-1 cells, neurons, self-innervating (autaptic) neurons on astrocyte islands, immortalized cell lines for viral packaging(293FT, BHK))

Life fluorescence imaging

Confocal microscopy, superresolution imaging (STORM, SIM)

cryo-electron microscopy and tomography

Viral vectors (Semliki Forest virus, lentivirus – we do our own packaging of viruses)

DNA methods (plasmid preparation, mutagenesis, subcloning, sequencing, etc.)

Western blot, immunostaining, etc.