In house experimental methods include:

  • Classical molecular biology (cloning, mutagenesis, expression vectors)
  • Molecular pharmacology (Radioligand binding and transport assays. Scintillation proximity assay)
  • Cell culture development (HEK293 cells mono layer and suspension cultures; COS7 cells, E. coli.)
  • Protein purification (His-/strep-tac immobilization, detergent screens, protein stability tests, nanobodies)
  • Membrane protein expression platforms (BacMAM, lipofectamine, IPTG etc.)
  • Biochemistry (Cysteine reactive chemistry, WB, Co-IP, zinc site engineering etc.)
  • Site-directed fluorescence labeling of purified protein
  • Protein reconstitution (proteoliposomes, nanodisc technology)
  • Biophysical approaches (FRET, tmFRET, x-ray crystallization, fluorescence quenching)