CV for Claus J. Løland

Department of Neuroscience, University of Copenhagen
Born: May 24, 1971. Married, two children (age 18 and 16).

Education and training

Research Management Master Class. 3 days by SIMI Executive
Research Management Course. 9 days. Copenhagen Business School
Education in university teaching and pedagogy (Adjunktpædagogikum)
PhD, Graduate School of Neuroscience
MSc in Human Biology

Academic positions

Professor, Dept. of Neuroscience
Associate Professor, Dept. of Neuroscience
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Pharmacology
Post Doc, University of Copenhagen

Research and management experience

Head of Laboratory for Membrane Protein Dynamics. Strong leadership and project management skills and a solid scientific background. Supporting a dynamic, inspiring and creative research environment for the team members to achieve the highest level of innovation, motivation and engagement in research.

C.J. Løland’s independent research group was founded in 2005, based on generous grants from the Danish Research Council (Ung Eliteforsker Pris) and the Lundbeck Foundation. The average group size (2005-2018) is 10 persons.

Total personal share: >28 M DKK from 2000-2018, including

2016 Danish Research Council (FP1, 3y) Dkr. 2,590,000
2015 Danish Research Council (FP1, 3y) Dkr. 2,590,000
2012 Lundbeck Foundation (3y) Dkr. 2,000,000
2011 Danish Research Council (Sapere Aude, Research leader, 4y) Dkr. 6,658,000
2010 Lundbeck Foundation (2y) Dkr. 1,600,000
2008 Danish Research Council (3y) Dkr. 1,620,000
2007 Lundbeck Foundation Dkr. 1,650,000
2005 Danish Research Council (3y, Ung Eliteforsker Pris) Dkr. 1,680,000

Partnership in Research Centers

Lundbeck Foundation Center “Brewing Diterpenoids”
 BioSynergy, UCPH Excellence Programme for Interdisciplinary Research
Lundbeck Foundation Research Center for Biomembranes in Nanomedicine
UNIK Research Center “Synthetic Biology”
 “BioScaRT” Research Center. UCPH Program of Excellence

Academic involvement

Executive committee, International Transmembrane Transporter Society
Steering Committee, Integrative Structural Biology at UCPH (ISBUC)
Educational Council for School of Medical Sciences
Chair of the Board of Studies for Human Biology & Immunology
International Scientific Advisory Board of European Pharmacology (EPHAR)
Board member, Danish Society for Pharm, Tox & Med Chem. Head of Pharmacology Section

Review and Editorial activities

2018   Editorial board member for special issue in Neuropharmacology.
Invited ad hoc reviews from:
Grant proposals: Agencie Nationale de la Recherche (F), Institut National du Cancer (F), EMBL node DANDRITE (DK)
Manuscripts from Journals: E.g. Nature, Nature Communications, British Medical Journal, Biological Psychiatry, Scientific Reports, Biological Pharmacology, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Journal of Biological Chemistry etc.

Scientific Communication and Activities
Presenter at >30 intl. conferences. Recent invited presentations include:

2018 Gordon Conference “Membrane Transport Proteins” Newry, ME
2017 “The Brain in Flux”, Maintenon, France
2016 European Congress In Pharmacology, Istanbul, Turkey
2016 “Receptor Chemistry: Reality and Vision” Camerino, Italy
2016 Winther Conference on Brain Research, Breckenridge (CO), USA
Organizer of 8 symposia and conferences, examples
2018 Session at ITTS meeting (Vienna)
2014 Scandinavian Physiological Society Symposium, Sigtuna (S)
2013 The 59th Benzon Symposium: “Membrane Proteins – Structure, Function and Dynamics”

Supervisor for 5 post docs, 7 PhD students, 3 Research assistants, >12 master students.

Regular lecturer at Forsknings Døgn and Dansk Naturvidenskabsfestival with focus on the effects of cocaine. Interviewed on TV/Radio (e.g. in DR1 - 21 Søndag, TV2, TV2 NEWS, DR P1) and newspapers (e.g. Berlingske) and on internet media at several occasions.

Selected active collaborations
Prof. Brian Kobilka (Nobel Laureate), Stanford Univ.
Eric Gouaux, HHMI investigator, Vollum Inst, Oregon Health & Science Univ.
Prof. Andrew Kruse, Harvard Medical School
Prof. Jonathan Javitch, Columbia Univ.
Assoc. Prof. Satinder Singh, Yale Univ.
Section Chief Amy Newman, National Institute on Drug Abuse-NIH
Senior Investigator Lei Shi, NIDA-NIH
Prof. Pil Soek Chae, Hanyang Univ. Seul
Prof. Harald Sitte, Medical Univ. of Vienna
Prof. Poul Nissen, Aarhus Univ.
Benny Bang-Andersen, Lundbeck A/S

Since 1999, 71 publications in peer reviewed journals/books, Including publications in Nature Neuroscience, Nature Communications, eLife, PNAS, JACS (2), Nature Methods, Biological Psychiatry, Science Advances, Chemical Science (3), J. Clinical Investigations, J Neurosci and JBC (10). H-factor: 24. Avg. citations per paper: 32 (source: SCI))