Lab Members

Kristina Petrova Dimintiyanova
PhD Student

Kristina completed a BSc in Molecular Biology (2013) at Sofia University, Bulgaria before moving to the University of Copenhagen to complete an MSc in Human Biology (2016). Kristina is currently performing her PhD project in the lab (in conjunction with Ole Kiehn’s lab), working on spinal cord injury in rodents, and plasticity of excitable domains of motoneurones in injury and disease.



Dennis Bo Jensen
PhD Student

Dennis obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Science in 2013 and a Master’s degree in Human physiology in 2016, both from University of Copenhagen. He has been working as a research assistant in the lab since the spring of 2016. His work is focused on activity dependent plasticity of the axon initial segment and on changes in excitability in motoneurones in mouse models of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.


Marion Kadlecova
Master Student

Marion obtained her BSc degree in Molecular Biology and Chemistry at Roskilde University before joining the MSc in Human Biology at Copenhagen University. She is currently working on her master project looking at the plasticity of excitable domains of motor neurons with disease progression in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.


Louise Nielsen
Research Assistant

Louise recently graduated from the University or Copenhagen with an MSc in Biochemistry. After an internship at Novo Nordisk Louise joined our laboratory and is working on multiple projects.


Sara Klingenberg
Research Year Student

Sara Is currently studying medicine at the University of Copenhagen. She has been funded by a scholar stipend from the Danish Research Council. Sara’s work is investigating the central consequence of intramuscular Botox injections on central cholinergic synapses which she will defend this spring.



Hans Hultborn
Emeritus Professor

Hans Hultborn joined the Medical Faculty at Gothenburg University in 1963 and started his PhD studies with Anders Lundberg and Elzbieta Jankowska as mentors in parallel with his medical studies. He defended his D.M.Sci. thesis in 1972.  In 1980 he was appointed Professor in Neurophysiology at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Since then he also served as Chairman of the Institute of Neurophysiology, and later as Dean of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. He also was Chairman of the Scandinavian Physiological Society, and later President of the Federation of European Physiological Societies (FEPS).

Hans has had a long and illustrious research career in the field of spinal motor control, focusing on the role of sensory input to spinal central pattern generators underlying locomotion and the role of persistent inward currents in spinal motoneurones.

Hans officially joined the Meehan Lab as Emeritus Professor in 2017 and maintains close collaborations with the Medical University in Chengde, Hebei province, China, and CINVESTAV (Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute), Mexico City, Mexico.


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