Jørn Hounsgaard – University of Copenhagen

Jørn Hounsgaard

Lab Leader: Professor Jørn Hounsgaard
Email.: jhou@sund.ku.dk
Phone: (45) 21162217

Main project:

Synaptic processing in dendrites during functional network activity. We use patch clamp recordings and 2F Ca imaging to test if network signaling is homogeneously distributed over the dendritic tree or distinctly different in individual dendrites that act as unique processing units during functional network activity.

Key publications last 10 years

  • Hounsgaard J 2017 Motor Neurons, Compr Physiol 7:463-484, 2017. (if 8.4)
  • Guzulaitis R, Hounsgaard J, Alaburda A. (2016) Irregular Firing and High-Conductance States in Spinal Motoneurons during Scratching and Swimming. J Neurosci; 36(21):5799-807. (if 5.9)
  • Yarom Y, Hounsgaard J. 2011 Voltage fluctuations in neurons: signal or noise? Physiol Rev. 91(3):917-29. (If 30.9)
  • Berg, RW, Alaburda A, and Hounsgaard J. (2007) Balanced inhibition and excitation drives spike activity in spinal half-centers. Science 315(5810) 390-393 (if 31.9)
  • Jakob K. Dreyer, Kjartan F. Herrik, Rune W. Berg, and Jorn D. Hounsgaard 2010 Influence of Phasic and Tonic Dopamine Release on Receptor Activation. J. Neurosci. 30 14273-14283 (if 5.9)